As a journalist, photographer and diver, Cat Holloway is particularly motivated by ocean conservation, ecology and exploration. Her work and play are hard to separate with pursuits spanning the South Pacific waters around her home country of Fiji, and stretching far beyond to Kiribati and Australia.

“The underwater realm on this planet is both vast and vastly misunderstood, granting us a virtually infinite number of stories to tell!” Holloway said.

A journalist by trade and scuba diver by nature, Holloway began diving while living in Papua New Guinea in 1985 and hasn't ever really stopped. After a heady stint as a news reporter on Sydney metropolitan dailies and work in Australia and Thailand as a PADI Diving Instructor, Holloway served as editor of Australasian Scuba Diver magazine and then editor of Australian Camera before finding freelance excuses to travel and dive. In 1996 Cat teamed up with Rob Barrel to direct  expeditions aboard their family's liveaboard diving vessel, NAI'A, in Fiji and Tonga. She now lives on Jervis Bay in Australia with Rob Barrel and their daughters, Malia and Parri.

According to Holloway, quite apart from our “urge to discover the unknown”, divers have an obligation to push boundaries, try new places and revel in the unpredictable.

“Divers have to pull the curtain back on the hidden world beneath the surface because no-one else gets close enough to know the truth of it,” she said.

“It's not a zoo under the water – the real joy is in the unexpected and lucky “out-of-the-blue” encounters.”

“Real nature is infinitely variable. There is plenty more ocean to pioneer.”

“You'll hardly find a better storyteller than the inimitable Cat Holloway, who lives a wet and insatiably inquisitive life from her “muse of fire”, the Fiji-based live aboard diving vessel, NAI'A.”

Ty Sawyer
Editor, Skin Diver magazine

Cat Holloway's work is used in conservation, education and tourism promotion projects.

NAI'A - Dive Fiji & Beyond

The Pacific's premier live-aboard diving vessel exploring waters throughout Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

World Wide Fund for Nature

The WWF-Canon Photo Library provides access for every WWF office in the world to imagery for publications, productions, websites and commercially available promotional items. WWF sponsors and partners in WWF campaigns also access work from the photo database.

New England Aquarium & Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA)

As NAI'A divers and photographers exploring the most remote reefs and atolls in the Pacific Ocean, Cat Holloway and Rob Barrel were the instigators of a scientific study and conservation campaign that would become the world's third largest marine protected area. The pair have photographed and videoed PIPA more extensively than anyone else since first discovering the unique marine habitats there in 1997.

Fiji Islands Visitors Bureau

Publications, brochures, advertisements, posters, websites and news releases promoting the underwater richness and attractions of Fiji

Ocean Footage

Other outlets and clients include:

NGOs: Greenpeace, Wildlife Conservation Society,
CORAL, SPREP, Miami University

Magazines: Islands, Fathoms, Scuba Diver,
Sport Diver, Skin Diver, Ocean Realm, Dive Trave

Commercial: Wallenius Wilhemsen Shipping Lines,
Punjas, Vodafone, Light & Motion

Film Production: MacGillivray Freeman Films,
Pathway Productions, Uncommon Films, REEF

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