Lotus Interruptus....



You explore the world, discover exotic paradises, make lifelong friends, adopt a dog then fall in love and shack up together.


You live on a tropical island. It's warm, green, lush, quiet and friendly. You have a boat. You dive spectacular coral reefs, swim with dolphins. The sea is calm and close to your doorstep. You drink from waterfalls. Guitars strum softly. Fruit tumbles from trees. Someone else cleans your house. May as well get more dogs.


Pretty soon you embark on the greatest adventure of all: a child. She's beautiful. It's not that hard. So, you have another one. She's really cute too, but louder. Dad gets a vasectomy. Mum gets more dogs. You have to clean your own house. Storm clouds build on the horizon.


You can't remember the last time you were alone, let alone together. You used to contemplate your navel in the morning, eat salad for lunch, windsurf in the afternoon and make love under the stars.


Now you check emails when you wake, reheat leftovers, exercise only your authority and dream about a full night's sleep. You discuss bowel movements at dinner, not political movements. You negotiate sibling rivalries, not media deals. And your career ambitions aren't the only urges frustrated.


But when you talk of depression, you're referring to the state of the weather, not your mind. There's a bit of yelling, some annoying barking, but lots of laughing.


It may not be Nirvana, but it's somehow blissful. It's family.


Cat, Rob, Malia, Parri & the Pooches




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